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As a food stylist/home economist, Marianne has worked on various projects, from promotional videos, stills and time-lapse pieces to step photography or hero shots for recipe books. Her specialism is in cakes, baking & decorating, so all of her past food styling projects have involved sweet treats in one form or another – from crafting sugar leaves to building gingerbread villages; creating freakshakes to illusion cakes.

Marianne’s pieces have been featured in social media campaigns, online advertisements, television commercials, recipe books and national magazine spreads.

Flexible, creative and highly organised, she has an enthusiastic and positive attitude when working on a project. As an experienced cake maker, Marianne is fully up to date with trends in the baking & sugarcraft world. This enables her to contribute effectively to shoot concepts as well as utilise her specialist skills to bring them to life.

Please do get in touch to discuss details & pricing:

Quadrille Publisher
ocado life
Ocado life magazine, food articles
NEFF UK Kitchen appliances
Radio Times
Radio times magazine
Alzheimer's Society
Alzheimer's Society
Lidl supermarket
Millie's Cookies
Millie's Cookies
Mail on Sunday
The Mail on Sunday Magazine
Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine
Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine
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